Why using technology can help your fitness business grow

From top to bottom, the fitness industry is brimming with competition. There are big chain franchises, boutiques, CrossFit, and high-tech competitors like Peloton and Daily Burn.

Yet, there’s still plenty of opportunity for the tech-savvy gym owner.

Simply put, most gyms rely on outdated technology that’s unintuitive and inconvenient. Even worse, you’re often forced to use multiple, separate tools for everyday office functions like scheduling, invoicing, and studio management. 

This hurts your ability to serve clients conveniently and efficiently… but it’s also where your greatest opportunity for business growth is hiding.

Set Yourself Apart with Convenience

Google, Uber, Amazon, and others have demonstrated just how important convenience is to gain a competitive edge, attract customers, and grow your business. 

By using technology in thoughtful ways, you can tap into the power of convenience and significantly improve your clients’ experiences. For example, rather than forcing your clients to book appointments over the phone and pay in-person, you can use a mobile app like Bright which allows your clients to book and pay for sessions on their smartphone. 

77% of U.S. adults own a smartphone, and among younger generations, the convenience of interacting with a business on their phone is quickly becoming a necessity rather than a ‘nice-to-have.’ But since most gyms aren’t mobile-friendly, there’s still plenty of potential to differentiate yourself with the convenience of mobile technology.

Smooth Out Cash Flow with Predictable Payments

You probably got into the fitness business to improve yourself and those around you. But like it or not, you’re a business owner. And for business owners, good cash flow management can be the difference between success and failure

One way to smooth out cash flow is with more predictable payments, which technology can help you achieve. With technology that requires prepayment for booking training sessions, you don’t have to worry about chasing down late payments to make sure you have enough cash on hand to pay the bills. Instead, you get paid upfront for all your hard work and when the bills come, your money is already in the bank.

Free Up Time and Headspace

Endless administrative chores shouldn’t get in the way of you helping your clients. But when you use outdated, unintuitive technology, it won’t be long until you’re overwhelmed with a to-do list filled with low-value, menial tasks such as invoicing, scheduling, and studio management. 

Many owners turn to an administrative assistant to solve this problem, but hiring help comes with its own set of complications and expenses. With modern gym technology, you can eliminate (or greatly reduce) your administrative burden for a fraction of the cost (and headache) of an employee. 

This doesn’t just save money, it also creates more time and headspace for you to work on the things that will truly help your business grow, like meeting new clients and marketing your business. 

How The Bright App Can Help Your Business Grow

The Bright App is an app for fitness professionals and gym owners that’s designed to help you grow. With our modern touch on gym management software, you can do everything mentioned above, plus a whole lot more. So stop letting old software drag down your business’s growth and give the Bright App a try.

To learn more about Bright, get in touch at help@getbright.app. Or read more about how Bright can help you grow your fitness business.

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