Why Most Studios and Trainers Don’t Need a Robust System

Fitness business owners tend to think they need the most sophisticated studio or gym management systems. They’re wrong. 

But we’re not just here to pick on gym owners. Everybody, in every industry, does this.

In fact, studies have shown that people choose to purchase feature-rich products over simpler alternatives, even when they know the product will be harder to use. Yet when it comes to evaluating satisfaction once someone has used a product, the story changes.

In those same studies, consumers rated products before and after using them. What the researchers found was, features mattered more to participants before use, but usability mattered more after use.

What this Means for Your Gym Management System

Studies are all well and good, but your business operates in the real-world. 

So take a survey of your employees—find out how many features of your current gym or studio management system they use. You’ll find that most of them use (at least) fewer than half, maybe even fewer. Which begs the question: Why pay for features you’re not using?

Yet it’s not just the extra features themselves that are a waste of money. It’s also how those extra features make it harder to run your business. That can have a far greater impact on your business, even if you can’t actually see the costs on paper.

Getting Back to the Basics of Business Management

Think about how much time you spend scheduling training sessions and invoicing your clients. Within just those two tasks, there are countless emails to track down, respond to, and sync with your calendar. The same thing goes for invoices. 

So why select software that does a dozen other things when all you need to do is schedule sessions and send invoices? Why not find a system that does the few, basic things you need to do really well?

Everybody makes this mistake, as the study we referenced earlier shows. So don’t worry. But do take half an hour to sketch out what your business management system needs to do. Then find one that does it—with no extra frills. 

Try Your Systems Before Implementing Them

As the study in the introduction showed, while people generally aren’t very good at evaluating products before they use them, they’re much better after they’ve used them. So make things easier on yourself and try your systems before you buy them. 

Because even if you’re only focused on the basic features, you still need a fail-safe. That fail-safe is a demo or pilot for your new system. So get your hands on your new system, and see what it can do for your business.

If the company you’re working with doesn’t allow you to try their system before purchasing, that’s a red flag.

We make it easy to demo our products. Case in point: The Bright App, a simple but powerful system designed to simplify invoicing, scheduling, and business administration—it’s easy and free to try. 

You can download it right now on the Google Play Store or the App Store to see what it can do for your business.

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