Why Being 4% Better Gives You a Competitive Edge… And What You Can Do With It

If you could simply snap your fingers and get 4% of your time back, what would you do with it? What if you achieved this newfound daily space just by clicking on an app? By being 4% more efficient, you’re 4% better. What does that give you? One substantial competitive edge. And what sorts of things can you do to maintain that advantage and start growing that 4% figure higher and higher? We’ve put together a list…

Here are six ways you can use your 4% competitive advantage… to your advantage:

1 – Manage More Members

At your fingertips means just that. With one easy dashboard, you can manage every aspect of your client roster. This means more members having less problems to get you back extra time. No more spreadsheets, scheduling systems or outdated databases. You can thumb your way through your client list from wherever you stand. Giving you back even more time to strategize against your competitors or see more clients. 

2 – Sell Sell Sell… From Anywhere

No need to be cold calling, chain emailing or setting up a promo table at a costly, time-restrictive event. Use one app to execute successful sales strategies with ease. 

While you commute, grab a coffee, wait in line, or sit on the couch, you can be selling. To anyone. From anywhere. That means you’re making money on your own terms at any time. Thank you, 4%. 

3 – Take The Pain Out of Payments

Nothing creates a more awkward communication dynamic than chasing down clients for payments. Automating this system removes red tape and tense exchanges and gives you back that time you need to manage, sell, assess and deliver quality health and fitness services. 

4 – Autopilot as Needed

Sometimes, the best way to be competitive is to know when it’s time to take a step back and assess. Let your business run itself while you stop to conduct market research and research the kinds of best practices that get you even further ahead.

5 – Take the 30,000 Foot Panorama And the Bird’s Eye View

Be the eagle. See both the big picture of your business (data, analytics, cyclical occurrences) and a snapshot of your day (overall schedule, cancelations, recurring appointments). In one place. At any time. 

6 – Grow Your Presence

Online or offline, use your extra time to build your unique brand and promote your products and services. Specials, discounts, fitness challenges, apparel and anything else you’re offering should be kept consistently in front of current and future clients. Continue stoking the flames on social media to maintain a robust digital and physical presence. 

One App Really Can Make You Better

The Bright App offers one easy way to achieve all of the above. For a free download, you can take complete advantage of your competitive edge… and keep widening the divide between you and your professional rivals (because you’ll be that far ahead). Stand out, save time, streamline solutions. From wherever you need to be. 

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