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The COVID-19 pandemic has been particularly rough on gyms and trainers. But, while you may be in survival mode for the time being, it pays to look ahead.

At some point, shelter-in-place orders will be lifted and gyms will open. But when that happens, there will be changes, both in terms of how you’re allowed to legally operate and your clients’ preferences. 

What’s important now is not just surviving but also setting yourself up to thrive in the long-term. 

Supplement Income Now, Prepare for the Future

While no device can fully replace the in-person training experience, clients can still benefit from virtual training. We’ve written extensively about the value that trainers provide, such as accountability, mentorship, education, personalized planning, and improved health and safety for clients. With a virtual training experience, you can still provide all of those things.

The real issue is logistics—getting set up (and getting used to) providing a high-quality virtual fitness experience. Yes, there will be a learning curve for you and your clients, but this will help you survive these difficult times. But even more than that, it will get you better prepared for the future. 

Building a Resilient Book of Business

We’re not here to fear monger, but the fact is, we don’t know exactly how everything will shake out when COVID-19 passes. Even among epidemiologists, there are widely varying views about how long this virus will affect our lives. 

What we do know, though, is that you can prepare your fitness training business for whatever happens. We may start seeing widespread lifting of shelter-in-place orders, but even then, clients may be skittish about venturing out too much. If you set yourself up to provide virtual training now, you’ll be ready to serve those people. 

Plus, if the worst happens, and there’s another wave of this virus, you’ll be far better positioned to weather future shelter-in-place orders. 

A Marketplace to Make a Name for Yourself

Here at Bright, our sole purpose is to help fitness professionals like you reach your goals, so you can thrive in business. In the current environment, what it takes to thrive in business has changed. Now, you need to be able to deliver top-notch training experiences to clients in the comfort of their own homes. So we’ve changed our approach too.

In addition to the Bright App, we’re launching the Bright Fitness Marketplace to help you earn money in the current situation and the future. This marketplace allows you to match with clients and make a name for yourself digitally. 

And with the help of the Bright App and its new Zoom feature, you can easily schedule virtual training sessions and accept payment, completely eliminating the needs for face-to-face interaction. That way, you can continue earning money and helping your clients reach closer towards their fitness goals. 

Create a profile on the Bright Fitness Marketplace today and start taking back control of your business.

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