Comparing the Benefits of Small Group Exercise vs. Personal Training

When it comes to getting fit, more is not necessarily merrier. That’s why you should stick to personal training or small-group training (also known as semi-private personal training). 

But how do you choose between the two? The short answer is, it depends. 

It depends on your fitness goals, personal preferences, the people you’re training with, and more. So to make it easy, we’ll compare the benefits and drawbacks of small group training vs. personal training.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Small Group Personal Training

There’s no question that working out in a small group provides an extra social motivation element. In fact, one study showed that 95 percent of those who did a weight-loss program with their friends completed it. On the other hand, 76 percent of those who did it alone completed the program. 

Beyond the social and motivational aspect of small group training, it’s also a generally less expensive option, particularly compared to personal training. 

However, you won’t get the same level of personalized attention in a small group that you will in a one-on-one session. On top of that, you’ll have to go at whatever the group’s pace is and do whatever workout the group is doing. 

To sum it up, small group training is typically less personalized and not as tailored to you as personal training but it is relatively less expensive and more social. 

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Personal Training

While semi-private training involves more people than you and a personal trainer, you can still get the motivation you need from a personal trainer. You just have to make sure the trainer you choose cares about your personal growth. For that, we wrote this post on finding a good personal trainer.

While private personal training is more expensive than semi-private, it also provides more value. You’ll have your trainer all to yourself so you can work on fitness plans tailored to your exercise preferences, schedule, fitness goals, and more. You can even work on nutrition plans if you find a trainer with a specialty in nutrition. 

Plus, because it’s just you and your trainer, you won’t have to worry about the logistics of dealing with other people. This makes it easier to get your workout done and over with on your terms and at your pace. 

Conclusion: Semi-Private vs. Private Personal Training on the Bright App

Comparing group exercise vs. personal training is actually pretty simple. It comes down to this:

If you have a very specific idea of how you want to train, or you need extensive instruction, small group training is probably not for you. A personal trainer is likely a better fit. But if you want to spend time with friends, or meet new people, while also getting a solid workout in, then you should look into semi-private training.

Whether you want to find a personal trainer to help you get fit in a small group or private setting, you can do it on the Bright Fitness Marketplace. All you have to do is download the Bright App on the App Store or Google Play Store and you’ll have immediate access to the marketplace where you can connect with high-quality personal trainers in your area.

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