6 Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing Your Personal Training Business

Successful personal trainers recognize that they have two jobs: training clients… and finding clients.  

You simply won’t achieve your financial goals unless you’re good at attracting long-term, high-quality clients. But that’s easier said than done. 

And you’re bound to make mistakes. Which is why I wrote this post—to help you avoid some of the most common mistakes I see personal trainers make when marketing their gyms or fitness business. 

Mistake #1: Marketing without a plan or strategy

When you meet a client, you evaluate them and their goals, and you build a training plan. Perhaps that plan changes as you go along and learn more about the client, and that’s okay.

What’s not okay is marketing your personal training business—online or otherwise—without a plan. 

If you’re wondering how to start thinking about your marketing strategy, start with the four P’s: product (your training services), price (what you charge), place (where your market your services), and promotion (how you advertise).

Mistake #2: Not valuing yourself appropriately

Speaking of price, perhaps the most common mistake personal trainers make is charging the wrong rate. The price you charge doesn’t just determine how much you make, it also determines how your clients value you.

If you price yourself below the competition, clients will see your services as less valuable. And you’ll attract clients who place a lower value on your services. As a result, you’ll make less money.

Mistake #3: Focusing on new clients only

It’s been said so many times in so many different ways, but the fact is: it’s always less expensive and more impactful to increase the value of current clients than it is to attract new clients.

So when you think about marketing your personal training business, don’t just focus on attracting new clients. Think about how you can use in-person and digital marketing to improve customer retention and upsell existing clients too.

Mistake #4: Targeting the wrong clients

Especially if you don’t already have many clients, there’s a temptation to go after anyone who gives you the time of day. And digital marketing channels have made it easier to make this mistake than ever. 

But the wrong kinds of clients will set you up for failure by wasting your time.

As a personal trainer, your time is your most valuable asset, so think carefully about which prospects you spend it on. If you find that the leads you’re getting from a certain marketing channel are flakey or hesitant to pay your rates, try a new one. 

Mistake #5: Creating your own website or application

Yes, I am a trainer and I created both an app and a website, but not for personal training marketing. It’s true that creating your own app or website can bring you high ROI but most trainers or gym owners don’t get the eyes they need on their website.

Too often, their sites are buried under millions of other websites and the work and processes needed to get ROI are beyond a personal trainer’s resource capacity. A centralized, Yelp-like platform is a much better channel to for personal trainers to market their services.

Mistake #6: Offering and marketing uniform services

The fitness industry is in constant flux. Changing technology, consumer demands, and health trends make sure of that. One new development that’s here to stay is that consumers want choice and flexibility, enabled by technology, and they’ll choose the trainers that give it to them.

So don’t make the mistake of being old school in your personal training marketing and services. Focus on providing an array of services that are easy, convenient, and effective for your clients. This will help you stand out and it will help you retain great clients.

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