It’s Time to Revolutionize the Training Industry

If I couldn’t run the operational side of my training business, I wouldn’t get to watch my clients grow into the best versions of themselves. 

And that’s one of the things I love most about being a fitness coach. 

So when I see budding trainers struggle with the business side of their training business, my heart sinks.

Especially because, with the right skills and mentorship, those trainers could help more clients reach goals they never thought they could.

The Value of Personal Trainers

The current state of the training industry devalues trainers. It’s important to understand this—otherwise, we can’t move forward. 

So let’s take a minute to remind ourselves and our clients of the many valuable benefits good trainers bring to their clients: 

Fitness Education

The average person doesn’t know what they can do to maximize their fitness. Plus, everyone’s different. What might be right for you won’t be right for someone else, especially if you have different goals.

High-quality trainers understand this and can provide the fitness education you need to make the most of your time in the gym.

Improved Health and Safety 

If you don’t know what you’re doing, the gym is a dangerous place. 

Improper form leads to more injuries and diminished results. Plus, with a trainer guiding you, it’s safe to try new things to break out of fitness plateaus.

Personalized Plans

Fitness is personal. And only trainers can provide the personalized advice and training schedule that help you meet your goals based on your preferences and within your scheduling constraints. 

Accountability and Mentorship

If nothing else, a trainer gives you a reason to get to the gym and stick to your schedule. After all, the greatest laid plans are worth nothing if you don’t show up. Working with a fitness trainer, though, you’ll have built-in accountability for every session. 

Plus, your trainer can act as a mentor for the rough times that inevitably come and try to throw your training off schedule.

How We Can Fix It

A big part of fixing the fitness industry is recognizing the value of trainers. Another important part is investing in that value and magnifying it.

Because we’ve allowed big-box fitness empires to commodify trainers, investing in education for trainers has fallen by the wayside. Instead, trainers are treated more like salespeople than the valuable teachers and mentors that they are. 

But trainers need knowledge and skills to provide the value clients need to start shunning the big-box gyms that treat us all like numbers.

The Vision of Bright Fitness Studio

I see a bright, new future for a fitness industry that creates financial stability for trainers and good health and rehabilitation for clients.

That’s why I’m starting the Bright Fitness Studio, where trainers will receive the knowledge and skills they need through training and certification. Among other things, our trainers will be set up with their own Bright App software and taught basic tech skills.

That way, they can create a better experience for themselves and their customers in the new Bright Fitness Studio, an upscale personal training facility. 

Learn more about how we’re changing the fitness industry.

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