Is Your Fitness Business… Convenient?

Let’s talk about convenience for a second.

We live right here in the Age of Convenience. I’m writing this on my smartphone as we speak, for example; tapping my thoughts into one of the most convenient gadgets ever created. With this same smartphone, I can order groceries for my family (InstaCart), deliver diapers to my baby (Amazon), and pay out the staff at my barbell clubs (Chase). As a busy working mother of three and owner of multiple fitness studios, my phone is my gateway into this age of accessibility. Thank you, Steve Jobs. Because where would any of us be without our smartphones? I would be lost. Literally. Because I wouldn’t have Google Maps.

How’s your fitness business faring in the Age of Convenience? 

You picked a convenient spot for your studio, right? Maybe it’s on a busy street alongside your clients’ favorite restaurants and stores. One with plenty of free parking or a short walk to the subway. I know you spent as much time selecting the right space for your business as I did. 

But did you choose the right business technology?

I didn’t until I created my own: The Bright App. Because not only did I want things to be more convenient for my clients, I wanted them to be more convenient for me. Stop and think about this for a second. Is the technology you’re using to run your fitness business making your life easier? Or is it causing more hassle? 

We built The Bright App to be handy and helpful for every busy fitness professional. One of my favorite features is never again having to answer the question, “how many sessions do I have left?” I know you above all understand how much time is wasted on that one tedious question. 

Manage your business… wherever you are. 

There’s much more to explore in The Bright App than simple session counts. It’s intuitive scheduling flow allows me to add extra client sessions in 30 seconds. I can be waiting for a table at my favorite restaurant while I’m managing multiple studios, charging membership fees and switching out instructors for group classes–all from the comfort of my smartphone. My clients can pay with their credit card right there in the app or reschedule sessions without ever having to text me.

Trying it out is easy, too. 

In my many years in the fitness industry, I’ve never come across a tool as time-saving and tech-savvy as the Bright App. I had to go and create it myself. And I made it just as easy for you to try it for yourself. There’s no monthly fee, no unnecessary customer care calls and no need to schedule a demo. 

Just go to and download it to your phone. It’s that simple. And if you do want to talk, The Bright team is always available to help make your fitness business even more convenient. Email us at, or DM us on Insta @brightfitnessapp. We’d love to hear from you. 

Convenience is here to stay.

As far as I can tell, the Age of Convenience is definitely here to stay. Because once you go Uber to avoid standing in the rain for 20 minutes, you never take a taxi again. 

I challenge you to think more about convenience, both in your fitness business strategy and the tools you use to run it. 

We hope you’ll give The Bright App a try. Test it out on three clients and you’ll quickly see what it’s like to be hassle-free. Plus, we’re pretty sure you’ll just plan like it. 

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