How to Get High-Quality Clients as a Personal Trainer

When you’re a personal trainer, you have two jobs: to train clients and to find clients.

Most of the time, it’s the second job—finding clients—that determines success or failure… especially if you’re just starting out.

As a USAW Level 2 weightlifting coach and owner of two barbell clubs in San Francisco, I still remember the hustle required to build up a solid client base. And, having worked with plenty of trainers over the years, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

So in this post, you’ll learn not just how to get clients, but how to make sure you’re getting high-quality clients.

Know Your Principles and Don’t Compromise

As a personal trainer, when it comes to finding clients, you’re going to be mostly—if not totally—on your own. Prospects might flake on training sessions, haggle over prices, and infringe on your time. And in your drive to find your first clients, you might be tempted to compromise.

Unless you’re completely desperate, don’t do it. Offering discounts or catering to unreasonable clients will not just devalue your services, but it’ll also suck up time you could be spending on high-quality clients.

This won’t be easy. But establishing and adhering to a few principles will set you up for long-term, sustainable success. Plus, it’ll help you weed out bad clients, which makes your life a lot more fun.

Principles for Finding More High-Quality Clients

Over the years, I’ve established The Bright Method, which is based on three principles.

  1. Value Yourself

A good client values your services. But no client will value your services if you don’t value yourself first. Many trainers undervalue themselves by offering discounts or agreeing to work for low rates. This might earn you a few, quick clients, but you’ll end up stuck working for less than your worth.

  1. Commit Yourself and Your Clients

Committing yourself and your clients is what will enable you to demand high rates for your services. Whether they explicitly say so or not, good clients want structure. So help them create a fitness habit by requiring:

  • A minimum of 10 sessions at a time, prepaid.
  • At least 2 sessions per week on a regular schedule with a strict 24-hour cancellation policy.
  1. Be Organized and Professional

This one’s simple, but no less important: You must match (or exceed) your high-quality clients in professionalism and organization. 

Focus on Centralized Marketplaces for Digital Exposure

As a personal trainer, it’s tough to scale your digital marketing efforts. And while your own website or app has potential to bring you ROI, maximizing your website or app requires lots of time and resources. 

It’s much more efficient to market your services on a centralized, Yelp-like platform. That way, you can benefit from the scale of the platform and reach many eyeballs without a large commitment of resources. 

Ready to Update Your Online Personal Training Business?

If you’d like to build a more robust and profitable personal training business, you should try marketing and operating your services on The Bright App. Here’s how it works:

The Bright App helps fitness instructors, personal trainers and boutique studio owners manage their clients and run more efficient, predictable, and profitable businesses. Within the app, you can organize and track client sessions, automate billing, ensure payments are received, garner new clients, and train virtually

Our online private training marketplace enables clients to find you based on your location, price, and specializations. Virtual and in-person training sessions can be booked and take place right from the app. 

So if you’re ready to improve your client retention strategy, increase efficiency, and attract new clients, check out The Bright App today on the App Store or the Google Play Store.

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