How to choose the correct technology for your fitness business

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Since Uber came along, we don’t stand in the rain waiting for taxis.

And why would we? It’d be silly to get drenched when our smartphones can do the dirty work for us.

Of course, Uber is far from the only piece of technology you can use to do your dirty work. And yet, we continue to meet gym owners who run their business with outdated technology. 

We’re here to fix that.

Start with Your Biggest Time Wasters

There are probably dozens of issues with your business you could improve on with technology. And for each issue, there are another dozen or so potential technology solutions. 

This makes getting started overwhelming. But if you start with your biggest time wasters and work backward, you can identify the technology that’s going to make a lasting, positive impact for your business. 

As gym owners ourselves, invoicing, scheduling, and general studio management administration are three of the biggest time wasters. Not only that, they’re also a low-value use of our time. After all, we don’t want to be requesting payment and scheduling sessions when we could be meeting new clients or scoping out new gym locations.

So take a minute and evaluate how you’re spending your time on a daily basis. Then, look for technology that can solve your most time-consuming problems.

Evaluate and Weed Out Low-Value Tech

It’s easy to get sidetracked by lists of features and benefits. 

But when you cut through the clutter and get straight to the potential business value of the technology you’re evaluating, it’s much easier to weed out low-value tech.

At the highest level, technology should reduce work, make clients happy, and/or help you make business decisions. If you’re evaluating technologies for your fitness business and any of them don’t accomplish at least one of those goals, toss it aside.

And remember that the tech you choose doesn’t live in a vacuum. So while an invoicing software like Quickbooks might reduce tedious invoicing tasks, it won’t help you schedule. That means you’ll have to use another product, which may or may not integrate with Quickbooks. 

The process of switching from product to product will add more to your workload, which eliminates the value you get from the invoicing software.

Test It, Test It, Test It!

No matter how careful you are in your evaluation, when it comes to rolling out your new technology, unforeseen issues will pop up. Your staff and customers might have trouble working it. Or there might be integration issues with your other fitness business technology. 

This is why it’s so important to test the technology you choose. By doing a controlled test, you can see how something works in the real world without putting your client relationships at risk. 

And if the product you’re evaluating isn’t easy and affordable to test out, treat that as a red flag. 

Companies that believe in their products should be happy to give you a try.

Put the Bright App to the Test

The Bright App is an app for gym owners that’s designed to help you grow. And speaking of tests, it’s incredibly easy (and free) to test out The Bright App for free, right now. 

We require no contracts, no fees, and you don’t even need to schedule a demo. Just download it to your phone and go. Though we’re always happy to show you how it works and answer any questions you may have. 

Check out The Bright App on the App Store or Google Play Store.

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