How Bright is Helping Fitness Trainers Get Back to Work

At Bright, our plan to help fitness trainers around the world get back to work is about more than just getting a paycheck. 

It’s a path we’ve set out for trainers so they can build thriving, sustainable businesses for themselves. And it starts with The Bright Method and the Bright App.

The Bright Method is a business methodology built based on Nerissa Zhang’s decade of experience as an elite trainer and gym owner. And the Bright App is an application built by serial tech entrepreneur and former Googler, James Zhang

The Bright App simplifies payment, scheduling, and studio management. Also, within the Bright App, clients and trainers can connect on the Bright Fitness Marketplace. And through this combination of technology and business expertise, Bright is helping fitness trainers get back to work quickly, safely, and sustainably.

The Bright Method Explained

As powerful as technology is, you can’t expect to just throw it at a problem and solve it. You need a thoughtful approach that’s enabled or enhanced by technology. The Bright Method is that approach. 

It’s divided into three core principles:

  1. Value Yourself

Unless you properly value yourself for the area you live and work in, you simply won’t become financially stable. Too often, trainers undervalue themselves so they can pick up a few clients. In the short-term, that might feel good, but ultimately it hamstrings growth. 

  1. Commit Yourself and Your Clients

Trainers must provide measurable results. Otherwise, clients eventually leave. But without the proper level of commitment from the client, it’s impossible to consistently deliver measurable results. 

So trainers must ensure their clients are making a conscious decision to commit to their health, on a regular schedule, subject to a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. 

  1. Be Organized and Professional

Part of the reason the first two principles are so important is that setting these boundaries attracts the best clients and repels the bad ones. But serving the best clients comes with higher expectations. You must match (or exceed) your high-quality clients in professionalism and organization. 

The Bright App and Fitness Marketplace

The second facet of Bright’s approach to getting trainers back to work is technology. By allowing trainers to easily schedule sessions and collect payments, the Bright App creates a more organized, professional fitness training experience for trainers and clients.

It also allows trainers to run virtual training sessions, which will be a critical way to continue serving clients while social distancing guidelines are in place. And finally, through the Bright Fitness Marketplace, which comes with the app, personal trainers don’t have to tie themselves to any one gym to get exposure to new clients.

Join Us!

At Bright we see a new future for the fitness industry that creates financial stability for trainers and good health and rehabilitation for clients. All our trainers will be set up with their own Bright App software and taught basic tech skills. That way, they can get back to work while creating a better experience for themselves and their customers.

If you’d like to learn more about how we’re changing the fitness industry and how you can get involved, head over to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the free Bright app.

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