Set Yourself Free with Smarter Fitness Business Planning in 2020

You don’t expect your clients to achieve their fitness goals without (at least) giving them a plan.

That’d be unfair.

Yet more often than not, fitness trainers, managers, and owners themselves expect to achieve their financial goals without a plan. It’s unfair.

From One Trainer to Another

Before I opened up a couple of gyms, including the Golden State Barbell Club in the Mission, I was a trainer.

And despite 45% of my earnings going to the gym, I made enough to cover my bills, travel the world, and pay off my student debt. I also became the company’s top trainer for four years running.

Without working my plan every day, none of that would’ve been possible.

Of course, my definition of success is not yours. But if you’re anything like me, you want freedom, financial stability, and enjoyment of your job. And that’s what this is all about.

Here’s how to make it happen.

Write it Down

To compete for clients and gain financial stability, you need a plan that specifies 1) how much you want to earn and 2) what you need to learn and do to separate yourself from the pack.

By writing your earnings goal down in a plan that you can revisit every day it’s easier to focus on the long term. This is huge because it’s very easy—especially when you’re busy—to lose track of the bigger picture when your only focus is on the day-to-day.

If all you did was write down your earnings goal, you’d be ahead of the pack. When you document your goals, you can’t help but think about how you’re going to achieve it.

But take it a step further and also write down how you can separate yourself from your competitors. By thinking through that, you’ll force yourself to be even more intentional about your workdays.

Don’t just take it from me: studies have shown that describing your goals can make you 20 to 40 percent more likely to achieve them.

Respect the Challenge

For people who haven’t gone to Harvard Business School, running a business—of any kind, let alone a fitness business—is not easy. You’ve got to respect the challenge. Otherwise, you’ll underestimate the work it takes.

When I was working as a trainer, I realized I could separate myself further by learning how to be friendlier to the staff and members. I took action too, by sending out emails to every member that walked through the door as I was working the front desk.

The great baseball player and businessman, Alex Rodriguez talks about this on his show where he helps ex-athletes make plans, cut down on expenses, and educate themselves about business. He started doing this after seeing so many ex-athletes make tens of millions during their careers only to lose it because of lack of planning.

The Tools You Need

Like ARod, my team and I want to provide you with the knowledge and the tools you need to be successful. This is why we’ve built the Bright app in the way that we did. It makes the business part of being a trainer easier, taking administrative tasks like invoicing and scheduling off your hands.

Plus, payment for the app is set up so it only costs you when you make money. And since it’s a percentage-based fee, you know exactly how much it’ll cost you each month, making planning easier.

So check out The Bright App (for free) and see for yourself how it makes it easier for you to plan for freedom, financial stability, and fulfillment in 2020 and beyond.

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