5 Ways to Maintain an Efficient Fitness Business While Juggling (and Enjoying) the Holidays

No matter how you slice, dice, trim up or decorate the holiday season, one universal theme applies: abundance. From now until the New Year, your life is bound to be a little bit more full. Full of family, friends, festivities, giving, receiving, and likely full of food. An added bonus? You’ll probably be full of to-do’s and end-of-year work deadlines. To stow away more time to revel in the carefree side of the holiday season, it helps to have an efficient business strategy. 

There are many tactics you can use to set your studio or gym up for seamless success, so you can sit sipping on eggnog or dash over to your favorite department store for that last minute gift. 

To help you find a way to have a little fun, get a lot done, and operate a fully functioning fitness business, we put together a list of 5 ways you can maintain an efficient fitness business while juggling the stresses and blessings of the holidays:

1. Set Your Schedule Up for Success (and Rest)

Just as high-intensity as the holidays are for you, the same applies to your employees and clients. With time off requests, travels and skeleton crews, there can be a lot of communications exchanged during the holidays if things aren’t accommodated in advance. 

Get ahead of the rush by ensuring ASAP the schedule reflects all the necessary changes. Think about taking statutory holidays off the schedule so everyone can get some time to celebrate and rest up for the all the New Year’s resolution makers funneling through in January.

2. Stack Your Social Media

Speaking of skeleton crews, even if you’re a one-person-show in the fitness industry, sometimes social media output is the first thing to slip when things get hectic. Since you know the holidays are on the horizon, use an app like Hootsuite to schedule social media posts in advance and run them right through the holidays. Purchases and promos are top of mind at this time, so stay in front of people, especially now.

3. Speaking of Promos: What’s Yours?

It’s the season of giving! What types of deals will your business have in store? Discounted class packs? Baker’s Dozen bargains? New Year’s Resolution incentive pricing? A free training session? You’re the boss, so you get to choose. Use the holidays as a time to promote the kinds of specials that will entice the “New Year, New Me” crowd come 2020. 

4. Administer Your Payment Planning

Sometimes busy people forget to pay their tabs. It’s human nature. If you know your clients will be just as swept up by the season as you, think about asking them to automate their payments so they’re square through 2019. That way, when everyone goes quiet in that limbo week between Christmas and New Year’s (what day is it, again?), you won’t have to chase anyone down for funds you could be spending on your own time off. 

5. Ring in the New Year With Some Friendly Competition(s)

There’s a good chance your competitors will. Consider offering a challenge like completing 30 days of a particular activity (yoga, running, etc.) or meeting personal fitness goals through a dedicated training program. This is one of the best times to motivate your clientele and get them to enjoy using your products and services. Everybody loves a little friendly competition! 

There’s The Bright App For That!

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